My divorce changed my career.

Sara wrongly expected he would want a quick and easy divorce, considering his betrayal and a baby on the way.

Divorce Coach Sara Davison
Divorce Coach Sara Davison

If it wasn't for IG, I would never have known about a divorce coach. Luckily, Sara Davison is very active on social media recruiting people to train for her global network to provide support for everyone.

Like many in the divorce space, Sara turned her personal divorce nightmare into a positive by building a divorce coaching business. With a significant percentage of the world population getting divorced, people still feel lost and lonely even though they are absolutely not alone. When it happens to you, you won't know where to start or what to search for online, it's an ocean of information not always relevant.

Sara genuinely believed she was married to her soul mate. She was not only in love, but loved the life they were building together which included a successful business. Sara had become a mother and was naturally exhausted post-birth. She presumed that motherhood was putting a strain on the marriage and that things would sort themselves out in time. This was not the case, her husband had met someone younger, someone attractive and importantly, he had fallen in love. So much so, he made his new love a director in their company (without Sara's knowledge) and she was pregnant. Sara was destroyed overnight, humiliated and ashamed, she felt like she had been hit by a freight train.

'A bus would have been kinder.'

So here she was, alone with a baby, devastated and his next move - to move practically next door. Sara wrongly expected he would want a quick and easy divorce, considering his betrayal and a baby on the way. Sara, already ambushed from all directions was thrown into what is considered a high-conflict divorce. It took Two and a half years and ended in the UK High Court. During this time she had to wake up and learn everything she could about divorce, knowing that he was going to attack from all angles.

Sara learnt that lawyers are the 'mouthpiece of abuse' and that some will prey on the vulnerable. She learnt that the Judge you get on the day can determine everything, and no two Judges are the same. It's luck. Judges come with their bias and knowledge and it can work against you even if it doesn't make sense to you or your lawyer.

'The physical act of going to court causes conflict and aggression.'

Throughout her experience, Sara had to learn about the charged emotions and stages of grief that surround divorce. The internet at the time didn't offer the advice and knowledge she needed, and whilst unwinding on a beach with a friend, she had her lightbulb moment. She was going to coach people through divorce.

Divorce can be scary and daunting even without conflict. You may even be the first in your friendship circle, which can be very isolating. This is when you tap into the services of Sara.

Sara offers an array of services, starting with the question

 'Who am I?' 

People talk about rediscovering yourself, but some of us never knew who we were before marriage. She offers tools, and life skills to implement to get your life moving forward. You get action plans, consistent clarity, and information and support throughout your divorce process and importantly, post divorce. You don't need to be going through a bad divorce to need support. Divorce is a lot to navigate and with Sara and her coaching team. For a small cost, you have access to a Facebook support group that has 8 Zoom meetings a week, where your questions are answered by a trained divorce coach in a community where everyone respects privacy. You will connect with people experiencing a similar journey, some have even become friends.

High conflict divorces are known to exhaust you emotionally and financially, and Sara has the knowledge and skill set to guide you through the process of what to expect and how to communicate differently. Prepare you for battle.

All you have to do is reach out and ask for help, the discovery call is free. 

Importantly, if you are in an abusive relationship, this requires a different level of coaching entirely. There are very disturbing statistics that 30% of people leaving a toxic and abusive relationship will experience physical violence for the first time within three months of separation. When you reach out, please specify that you are in an abusive relationship. It is not uncommon for people to not realise they are in an abusive situation.

There are now 400 trained coaches in 23 countries, a reminder that divorce happens everywhere.

Sara can be found on:

Instagram & Facebook - @saradavisondivorcecoach

X (Twitter) SDDivorceCoach


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