I initially bought this domain in lockdown whilst dating a man who was in the final stage of divorce- or so he thought. His future ex decided to involve barristers and I couldn't fathom why she would want to waste so much money - emotions, anger, disappointment and the rest. As we came out of lockdown I met many men who have angry ex-wives and I heard many stories from angry ex-wives. I am not writing this to attack anyone, instead, I have decided to gather these stories and anonymise them to protect the ex and the children involved. I am also reaching out to professionals to gather advice, tips, observations and legal knowledge from across the globe. The divorce rate is approximately 48% and with the world economic crisis this number may increase, or as in the great depression, numbers shrunk as couples couldn't afford the cost of divorce.
Divorce, for those who aren't, leaves nobody unscathed. Divorce is often brutal, cruel, painful and the long-term consequences are rarely advertised. It is not just about the time spent at lawyers fighting to get documents signed and sealed. It is the post-divorce that can cause more harm. This is why I have included stories from children (of any age over 18) of divorce and people falling for someone who is divorced. The dynamics are remarkable. The cost to society is extortionate.

If you want to share your story or you are a professional that wants to share some insights please email me at contact@angryexwife.com